23rd Veteran assists veterans in their transition into society through our exclusive positive reconditioning program. We help returning veterans live happier and healthier lives.


Provide our successful transition program in every state in the nation. Drastically improving the negative symptoms of PTS to include depression, substance abuse, homelessness, divorce, and suicide.


  1. 23V Recon: Recondition our veterans to live happy, successful lives through our exclusive 14-week program.
  2. Combat Stress Seminars : Provide education on why our brains are supposed to change in combat, why we bring that home with us, and what the community can do to create a friendlier environment for our veterans.


23rd Veteran is a groundbreaking transition program for veterans leaving the military and those who were never properly transitioned. Depression is common among our returning veterans with over 130,000 veteran suicides since 9/11. In 2012 it was estimated that 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. 23rd Veteran was created with that shocking statistic in mind.

A nonprofit organization headquartered in Minnesota, 23rd Veteran has developed a program to retrain our veterans’ brains to live happier, healthier, and more successfully in the civilian world. Utilizing brain science, evolutional theory, positive trigger re-association, and positive psychology, we help veterans transition to live more successful in the civilian world by providing an innovative reconditioning program. U.S. Congressman Rick Nolan has labeled this innovative treatment "Positive Reconditioning" in efforts to gain support through U.S. Legislation.