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We do a lot with a little!

23rd Veteran is making a tremendous impact! We've built, tested, and improved our 14-week Reconditioning program. We've provided hundreds of Educational Seminars across the nation. We've taught our Congress a very effective way to train our military for the civilian world, and they're making changes because of it!

And we've done it all on less than $50,000 a year.

We've been fortunate enough to do this because for two years our Executive Director did not accept a salary, and is currently paid a minimal 33k salary for 60-hour work weeks and accepts no benefits.

Our other employee, Recon Development and Social Media, generously works for only $10/hr, volunteers as much as she works, and also does not accept benefits.

However, our veterans are worth more to us. It is our aim to one-day hire professionals and veterans that are experts in their field at a comfortable salary to provide this critical transition for our veterans. But we are grateful to have been fortunate to find veteran and military employees who've chosen to struggle themselves to develop this help for other veterans.

Our IRS does not require a form 990 for organizations that don't more than $50k. However if you'd like to see the "postcard" version we filed, click the image to the right.


At first glance it appears we spend a bunch of donor money on our Nearly Naked Ruck March. Rest assured that this isn't the case!

What's actually happening is our participants are paying for most of this with their registration fee. For $45 each, they get a t-shirt, beanie hat, finishing coin, and all the event day amenities and entertainment. We look for companies to sponsor our marketing expenses. This way all the money that our participants raise for the packs (pledges) goes directly to helping veterans through our organization!

To understand our operational philosophy on how to change the world for veterans, watch the incredible Ted Talk by Dan Pallotta below:

Create a Difference

Support local groups and events that get isolated
veterans back into physical fitness and society.