Educational Seminars


Why combat stress is supposed to happen

How to create a more friendly environment for combat veterans

How to recondition our brain for the civilian world

What we speak about:

Personal stories of combat stress

The brain’s neuroplasticity, why and how it changes in combat

How to recondition our self for civilian life

What society can do to assist

For 18 years we are raised in society, we become one piece in our communities puzzle. When we join the military that puzzle piece is ripped out and put into a new puzzle where it’s reshaped or reformed, if we deploy to combat it’s reshaped even further. When we return home that puzzle pieces is once again ripped out and tried to be placed back into it’s original space, not only does it no longer fit in, the gap in societies puzzle is no longer there. Our family, friends, and our community have learned how to live without us.

23rd Veteran teaches the community how to re-open that puzzle, allowing an environment more friendly for veteran's transition to a civilian life.

Who we've spoken to:


U.S. Congress

Rotary & Kiwanis Clubs

Military Units

Memorial Day and Veterans Day Events

Fortune 500 Corporate Offices

Many more...

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Support local groups and events that get isolated
veterans back into physical fitness and society.