Nearly Naked Ruck March

March 30, 2019

10:00 am


Hike 10 miles through the scenic Bunker Hills in your long underwear! Show your support for veterans by carrying a pack full of weight. The weight in your pack equals 1lbs for every $10 raised for veterans (raise $400 and carry 40lbs, or raise $2,000 as a team of ten and each person on your team carries 20lbs). This weight represents the weight that we carry in the battle against combat stress.

Arrive Saturday morning beginning at 8am for registration and bag pick-up. The Chris Carr team from K102 will be onsite for morning entertainment, along with plenty of hot beverages. We step-off at 10am, hiking 5 miles before turning around and hiking back for a total of 10 miles. Or cut the journey in half and turn around at our 2.5 mile warming station :)

Every so often you'll be greeted by a warming station with music, restrooms, coffee, and hot chocolate! Be sure to bring your own packs, any style will do. If you load them with canned goods you can drop them off for the local food shelf at the finish line.

Costs for tickets go towards:

  • Registration bags
  • T-shirt
  • Challenge coin
  • City event fees
  • Marketing
  • Insurance

All the money you raised for your pack goes directly to 23rd Veteran, our 501c3 nonprofit creating a long-term transition for veterans.

Veterans and military members that would like to participate, but can't afford the event, please contact us!

Here's an in-depth look at the program you are helping make happen!

Nearly Naked Ruck March

March 30, 2019

10:00 am


Step-off Speech

Your packs might get heavy. That weight on your shoulders symbolizes the weight in the battle beyond battles, and you have chosen to carry that weight. Many Americans are wanting do something, but few are willing to. This weight is you doing something, you’re raising awareness and raising money to improve veteran transitions to a civilian life.

You might get tired, but aren't we all, tired of the struggles, tired of anxiety, tired of the anger, we're tired of being tired. Many of us tired because last night we once again lied awake.

You might get cold, that cold represents the bone chilling truth the while we lose Americans in combat with dignity and honor, combat stress takes even more Americans, but it takes them in vain.

You will move forward, together, military, civilians, and veterans. We will put one foot in front of the other while carrying this weight of the burden for those wanting to because we are the ones who are willing to. We will march on to bring this awareness to our community and bring a team that will break the barriers of veteran isolation among our civilian ranks. Welcome to this 10 mile movement, welcome to the Nearly Naked Ruck March."

DSCF0752 by Barney Tong
DSCF0938 by Barney Tong