23V Recon

Fitness, camaraderie, and positive psychology course to actively retrain our brains to live successfully in a civilian society

Program Includes

  • Wilderness trip
  • 3x week fitness and positive psychology
  • Daily Homework
  • Fireteam accountability

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Special Report: The Next Mission

Measuring the ingredients for a pita bread recipe, David Martin greets his roommate with an explanation about the news camera and reporter in their kitchen.

23V Recon is a life changing experience for veterans and civilians. It begins with 12 veterans on a trip to an outdoor adventure in a distant state. Here we begin to build the strong camaraderie that is so often missed after leaving the military.

With our new team, we participate in instructor-led workouts three times each week. We get our heart rate up so that our brain releases Serotonin, Endorphins, and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (some reaserch on this is here and here). With these chemicals available, we participate in our brain-retraining program for 30 minutes following each workout. Doing so builds strong positive memories, influences happiness through positive psychology, and most importantly leaves us with a strong team of veterans and civilians within our community!

Half way through this program civilians are introduced and become full participating members of the team, following all the same rules as the veterans. When a team of veterans and civilians produces 100% participation in a week's workout, they're rewarded with gift certificates to participate in a local community activity or go to local restaurant as a team.

Dedication and commitment is a requirement to take advantage of this free program! We have strict rules and solid leadership. Happiness is not an entitlement, you have to earn it.

Create a Difference

Support local groups and events that get isolated
veterans back into physical fitness and society.